Magic Journey Slot Review Canada

Would you like to learn more about Magic Journey slot before trying it for real money? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Magic Journey Overview 

Magic Journey got inspiration from the classic 16th-century Chinese novel known as Journey to the West. This slot is bound to astonish you a little bit when you first see it as most players will expect the 3X3 grid for spinning when hitting the Spin button. However, something else takes place.

Well, the truth is that there is only one reel spinning here, and it is the 1X5 row you notice below the 3X3 grid. You are allowed to place wagers between 20 & 100 per spin across all devices and platforms. In addition, a 3X3 gird is called “scorecard.” In order to win, all you have to do is to pinpoint the nine different character symbols on different paylines on the scorecard.

Nevertheless, Magic Journey slot has an RTP of 96.54%, which is quite decent and a little bit high the industry average, and you can expect some quite volatile action when you play this slot.

If there is a negative thing about this innovative and unusual game from Pragmatic Play, then it is a max win – 400X your stake.


The scorecard, which is a 3X3 grid above the reel, is equipped with nine different characters or legends from the Journey to the West novel. One thing to note is that they’re the only symbols in this slot. The characters are a blend of humans and human/animal hybrids. This game doesn’t come up with a fixed payout value per symbol. However, the slot pays out as per how many lines you can pinpoint on the scorecard from one to eight lines (with seven lines excluded).

Here’s the quick review of the slot payouts mechanism-

If you get 1 payline – 2xd win

If you get 2 paylines – 5x stake win

If you get 3 paylines – 10x stake win

If you get 4 paylines – 15x stake win

If you get 5 paylines – 30x stake win

If you get 6 paylines – 100x stake win

If you get 8 paylines – 400x stake win

Graphics & Sound 

This slot game is incredibly beautiful, with an astonishing animated backdrop and some cool moving functionalities around the reel frame that is a Chinese temple designed from beautiful looking wood. The general work of art of the game is innovation and unique, truly taking Magic Journey slot appearance to the new level.

The music of the slot has the beautiful blend of western influences oriental music, which is a natural, thanks to the providers of the game. At the same time, they took their decent time to comprehend and come up with a soundtrack that really suits this tradition of music. Believe it or not…it is entirely filled with pleasing percussive sounds, amazing string arrangements, and, most importantly, a wondrous eastern wind instrument that leads the whole melody.  

Bonus Features 

Well, there are many trusted casino platforms available online, offering a sign-up bonus.

The Magic Journey slot is very unusual in several different aspects, and it doesn’t feature any sort of regular bonus feature. In other words, there are no scatters, no wild symbols, and no bonus game or bonus round. The gameplay of the slot itself is extremely unusual.

The 1X5 reel below the grid (or scorecard) is the only reel spinning here, as mentioned before too. In addition, on the reel, you will land blank symbols and/or different legends from the selection of nine you notice above on the scorecard. Therefore, you can land up to five characters on each spin. However, you can even land black symbols only, but they do nothing.

Every character symbol you land gets pinpointed on the scorecard above, and you have to develop a lie with pinpointed characters in order to win. If you don’t develop any winning lines, then there is no winning combination for you. However, if you’re able to form at least one payline with pinpointed character symbols, then you will earn a corresponding payout. The winning symbols will turn sticky and the rest symbols re-spin. This continues until you load the grid or scorecard with winning symbols, or don’t come up with any more win.

The middle symbol on the grid is the monkey warrior. Whenever this particular symbol is pinpointed, you will always earn a re-spin. The already pinpointed symbols will remain pinpointed, and the remaining symbols will again spin. This way you can pinpoint all symbols if you’re lucky enough to win big.

Magic Journey Free Spins 

Here comes a big disadvantage of the Magic Journey slot. This game has no free spins feature. However, you will get a lot of additional spins thanks to the respins feature. You will activate this feature pretty a lot, so players will not miss the free spins feature at all.

Playing with the highest possible wager of 100 can help you earn up to 40,000 on a single spin.

Magic Journey Jackpot

Another bad news for you is that the slot offers no jackpot to win. However, the max win potential is 400x, which is not very powerful for a high volatility game. You have to pinpoint all nine character symbols on the grid in order to win this.

Play Anytime & Anywhere 

You can enjoy playing this slot on your tablet and mobile thanks to the HTML5 technology that has made this slot run smoothly on every handheld platform. The provider always ensures that their slots are perfectly fit to enjoy on the good. Thus, it provides you the flexibility to play anytime and anywhere you want, be it iPhone, iPad, or Android.  

The Final Verdict 

Even though there is no free spins feature, the Magic Journey slot from Pragmatic Play stands out from the crowd. The providers have done great work for coming up with an Asian-style theme. The scorecard feature is new and not seen before. The key highlights of the game are unusual and innovative scorecard feature, respins feature, and an epic theme and decent animals.

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