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Absolute Super Reels Slot Review

This Absolute Super Reels slot is brought to you thanks to iSoftBet. Absolute Super Reels is a jackpot slot with 5 different paylines, 3 or 5 different reels and 3 rows. The amount of reels that you have to play depends solely on the amount of coins that you chose to bet with, if you bet with 1-9 coins you will have 3 reels and if you bet with 10-15 coins you will have the full 5 reels experience. I recommend betting with the full 15 coins as the two added reels are what will give you the special symbols. You can always adjust the value of the coins that you bet with, the minimum value you can give your coins is 0.01 with the maximum being 1.00.

This jackpot casino game is very simplistic in its overall theme and design. The logo for the game is a bit misleading as you would think it would be rock themed and set at a concert but rather this jackpot slot is set in a vegas style casino. Another design element that enforces this Vegas style casino theme is the lucky number 7, as all the symbols are the number 7 but their colours and their design is what differentiates them. The very simple looking 7’s will give you the lowest payout while the 7’s with more design elements will give you higher payouts. 

On the fourth and fifth reels you will get the special symbols which are the respin symbol, the additive bonus as well as the three different multiplier symbols. The respin symbol gives you up to 7 free spins and it can also be retriggered when you are playing in free spins mode. If you happen to get an additive bonus in a winning line you will be awarded with 50,150,750 or 1000 coins. If you get a multiplier symbol in a winning line your winnings will be multiplied by 2,5 or 10, depending on what multiplier you get in the reels. 

Absolute Super Reels Features

Some special features of this slot game include the fact that it has a progressive jackpot. This means that the more you play the better chanQces you have of winning big! Another intriguing feature about this slot is that how many reels you play with is directly correlated to how many coins you are willing to bet. You can also make use of the auto-spin feature where you can pick how many times the reels are going to spin automatically. The minimum number for auto spins is 5 while the maximum number is 1000.

Absolute Super Reels Conclusion

The graphics of this slot game are not particularly great as iSoftBet makes use of a very small font making most of the game unreadable unless you zoom in yourself. The designing of the game itself lacks a certain amount of originality to it as all the symbols are very straight forward and they are all the same. The lack of an original theme makes this particular slot game not that exciting to play. The music used does not go well with what they are initially trying to do with the logo, but in general it is still good music. An extra feature that the added, that is done very well, is the fact that the music as well as the reels change slightly when you are in free spins mode thus giving you an indication that you are, in fact, in free spins mode

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