Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Review Canada

Gonzo’s quest was released by NetEnt over 10 years ago and it has been popular amongst fans of slots in Canada for all these years.  

Red Tiger decided to kick it up a notch by releasing Gonzo’s Quest Megaways in  Canada in 2020 which was an intense Megaways version of the original Gonzo’s Quest.

On March 23, 2021, Evolution Gaming released a teaser video of a brand new chapter from Gonzo’s legendary voyage of discovery; Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live in Canada.

So what is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live anyway?

Gonzo’s treasure hunt is a live casino slot version of Gonzo’s Quest. On Gonzo’s Quest treasure Hunt live, you play the slot with a live presenter in Evolution Gaming’s lobby. Gonzo’s treasure Hunt makes everything look more realistic than ever before thanks to its use of Augmented Reality.

In this review we will take a look at what Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt has in store for you, so that you can know what to expect from Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

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How Does Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Work?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is produced with collaboration of NetEnt and Evolution and is a live casino version of Gonzo’s Quest slot. Just like the slot, the game is set in a mysterious Incan temple. 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt gameplay can be compared to the free game that used to be available in old PC’s from the 90’s and early 2000’s, Minesweeper.It is a pretty simple game to play and understand.

When you enter the lobby of the game, you see a HUGE wall on the center of your screen. The wall has a gigantic 10 x 7 grid. There are hidden stones in the wall and every spin reveals some of the stones that you get to pick.

There are 6 stones that you can pick. Each stone is marked by a certain multiplier. 

The stones are marked as follows:

  • 1x
  • 2x
  • 4x
  • 8x
  • 20x
  • 65x

When you choose your stones you have to make your “picks”. This involves picking spots on the wall where your stones will show up. You can make anywhere from 1 pick to 20 picks. The more picks you make the higher your chances will be of winning at least 1 of your picks.

Your initial bet on the stone gets multiplied by the number of picks. For example, let’s say you bet $1 on the 8x and $10 on the 65x stone.

You decide to make 15 picks for the 8x stone and 5 picks for the 65x stone. Your total bet would be :

$1 x 15 + $10 x 5 or $15 for the 15 picks for the 8x stone and $50 for the 5 picks for the 65x stone for a total of $65.

You can bet anywhere from $0.10 to $100 per stone.

You can also use the auto pick function that does the picking for you based on the parameters you set.

Prize Drops in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

You can come across some unexpected twists in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in terms of some higher payouts thanks to the Prize Drops feature.

On every spin, Gonzo turns a key which triggers this feature and some spots on the grid get stones with added multipliers.

If your pick lands in the multiplier in that area would be added to the multiplier of your stone and you will get a payout accordingly!

The value of the multipliers in the prize drops can range from 3x to 100x. Sometimes you can get additional Prize drops in the same round thanks to the “re-drop” feature. There can be a maximum of 10 redrops in the same round.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt RTP and Payouts

Gonzo’s Treasure hunt’s RTP varies between the stones you choose to bet on. We have mentioned the RTP of each stone below:

  • 1x 96.42%
  • 2x 96.51%
  • 4x 96.35%
  • 8x 96.56%
  • 20x 96.55%
  • 65x 96.52%

The maximum payout you can expect from one stone is 20,000x!

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Review Conclusion

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is a pretty innovative and refreshing take on the Gonzo’s Quest slot. The presenters are fun and interactive. Gonzo shows up in 3D thanks to the augmented reality feature used by Evolution Gaming.

The gameplay is second to none and the potential payout of 20,000x is just too hard to ignore.

We were really impressed with prize drop feature and with our overall experience playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt and definitely recommend you to play this live casino game!

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