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What is Strip Poker

According to surveys, this game is most often played by men between the ages of 18-30! Certainly some women will play strip poker too (otherwise it wouldn’t make sense in itself)! 

Students are generally known to be a little more liberal, which is why students are the biggest fans of strip poker . 

You can be almost certain that one or the other game of strip poker is played at every university in the western world. It is also known that many older adults enjoy playing a round of strip poker in a small, intimate group at home.

 The same goes for one or the other married couple who occasionally play a round of strip poker to break the monotony of married life or to spice up their sex lives.

Origins of strip poker

There isn’t a lot of historical information on the history of strip poker. The game grew in popularity in the mid-1900s and increased its popularity steadily over the next few decades due to the number of students and the under 30s.

There is no exact date for the invention of strip poker , rumor has it that more liberal female poker players used clothing as a stake when they lost all their money playing and that many male players naturally found that appealing. 

Others suggest that strip poker was one of the earliest games of poker and was played before it was even played for money. The truth of these rumors is, however, only a little difficult to assess.

Why do people play strip poker?

There are arguably two main reasons strip poker fans play this game.

Every now and then it is played in a close circle of friends, but in a somewhat sombre version.
Nobody gets completely undressed and it’s just plain fun. It is often played at parties, after a night of partying or after a little alcohol has been consumed.

Strip poker is also often played for sexual reasons. Swinger parties are known for having a game of strip poker played at the beginning to loosen up the atmosphere. It can be assumed that playing poker will not be the main activity that evening.

In both cases, the fun factor is very easy to spot. Whether strip poker is used to loosen up the mood or whether it is simply played for fun in the game does not matter.

Strip Poker Rules

The basic rule of any strip poker game is that the losers must remove their clothes while the winners have fun seeing the losers naked or half-naked. 

Normally there is no money involved and there is a decidedly exuberant atmosphere, it is really funny. Needless to say, it is not a game for prudish souls!

There are several ways to play a game of strip poker, the most popular variants require at least:

  • 4 players
  • a deck of 52 cards
  • a suitable location (including a clearly arranged gaming table)

A poker variant that is easy to learn, such as 5 Card Draw, Stud or Hold’em, is ideal for playing strip poker. After each hand played, the loser must remove an item of clothing. 

When a person is completely naked, they get their clothes back and the game starts over. Needless to say, the worst player will be the one who sits half-naked at the table most of the time. 

This is also the reason why many guys only invite women to a round of strip poker who have little or no poker experience. 

So a little tip to all women who are invited to a game of strip poker: Practice a little poker before accepting an invitation to strip poker!

Is online strip poker legal in Canada?

In most countries, strip poker, as long as it is played by consenting adults, is usually allowed as a legal pastime around the world. However, if you are unsure of the legal situation, you should familiarize yourself with the applicable law before organizing a game of strip poker.

Suitable places to play strip poker

Almost always in closed rooms. Often in student dormitories or in couples’ homes. If you are single, have no friends or do not feel like having to undress in someone else’s apartment, you can play strip poker over the Internet. 

Where to play free strip poker online from Canada?

You can play strip poker online where you can watch sexy strippers strip down to their titties if you manage to win.

But if you are wondering if you  can win money by playing strip poker online we have to give you a word of warning, no legal casino will have strip poker online.

Most strip poker services that you find online would be a service where you play strip poker for fun where you try to win a hand so that the model strips.

If a website makes a promise that you would be able to win money by playing strip poker online remember that they are not legal online casinos and chances are high that you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

With that in mind some places where you can play strip poker online for free are places like and Sometimes you might have to spend something like $5 to $10 to change models.

If you want to play live strip poker you can check out various porn sites and see the live cam models there and use their private premium services. This option might be a bit pricier.

But what if we were to tell you that you can treat yourself to some of this entertainment by getting a chance to play poker online with bonuses in legal casinos online?

Check out the offers below for some welcome bonuses in trusted casinos online and use your winnings to treat yourself to play strip poker online with some lovely ladies.

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