One of the funniest things you can do is bet on an Esport like Dota 2. In fact, this is a market that is attracting more and more people. 

 In the next article we will be talking about Dota 2, everything you need to know about the game and how to bet on Dota 2. In addition to many interesting facts about this game that has become a great sensation worldwide.

What is DOTA 2?

Dota 2 is a MOBA game. MOBA stands for ‘multiplayer online battle arena’.DOTA 2 is a strategy game where two factions (the Radiant and the Dire) will fight for control of their respective Ancestor, but it will not be that easy. In fact, on the game map there are smaller towers that the Ancestors will defend, as well as three paths where players can carry out their strategies. 

Every minute each faction will have the help of the “creeps”, which are units that appear automatically to place the most difficult game on the heroes. A game of Dota has five players, and each faction will seek to defend their Ancestor at will

. If in any case a person from a team disconnects,Either by accident or simply because they wanted to, the opposing team will be able to attack and win the game more easily. However, that user may face severe punishment for such behavior.


The game’s developer company is Valve, and the game is a direct sequel to the first Dota, also known as Defense of the Ancients. Regarding its chronology, it had a first stage that can be considered its beta period at the beginning of 2011 , to then be officially launched on July 9, 2013.

Regarding their characters, they are called heroes, and at the beginning of the game they only had a little more than 20 characters. Currently, the game has more than 120 Dota 2 heroes in total, who have been placed through updates that the company makes to the game.

The game has a medal system, which makes the player go up in his experience and can increase his level. The medals in Dota 2 are earned according to the Dota 2 MMR that the player obtains as long as they continue participating. And if you don’t have the slightest idea, the MMR works as a ranking to match the games with players of the same level and / or experience. 

Returning to the medals, there are eight in total, namely: Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancestor, Divine and Immortal.They are in that specific order, with Herald being the lowest level and Immortal being the highest. At the time, they were five progress stars, but with the new update they are now seven and this gives the player more precision and some extra chances to win their respective games.

The first Dota 2 tournament to be held was The International in 2011, which coincided with the game’s release on August 2 of the same year. The winning team was Natus Vincere from Ukraine, who won a million dollars in prizes. As a curious note, the competing game of this franchise is League of Legends , better known as LoL by Riot Games. Their styles and graphics are very similar, but they differ in a lot of features and characters.

The best bookmakers for DOTA 2 betting for Canadian Players

Is betting on DOTA2 or betting on eSports legal in Canada?

Opening and operating betting shops in Canada is illegal, however, you can bet on DOTA2 and other sports and esports on offshore bookmakers and online casinos. We recommend you to gamble on legal and reputable bookmakers and casinos with an MGA license.

Here are the five bookmakers that we personally recommend for DOTA2 and other eSports:

  1. b-Bets
  2. 24Bettle
  3. Casino Sieger 
  4. Rembrandt
  5. Big5 Casino
  6. LuckyBull


As we have already mentioned, the popularity of this game has increased exponentially over the years. This is why the big bookmakers have been so interested in taking advantage of this industry as well. While it is true that it should not be overlooked that you can even bet on different topics of the game, such as exclusive skins for any of the characters, what bettors are really looking for is to bet money on Dota 2.

Previously we explained that currently many Dota 2 bets are handled. For example, you can bet on the event that catches your attention, bet on the winning team of the game, or see in a specific tournament who can be the winner of any tournament.

In this case, it is not a bad idea to make your Dota 2 predictions and bets in a good bookmaker 

The winner of the match (match winner): 

This is the classic mode. Some competitions allow a draw. You bet on a team, if they win you pocket the winnings.

The handicap betting (betting handicap): 

This is to give a disadvantage to the favorite if the outcome of the game no doubt. You will see marked (-1.5), this means that if you accept this bet, you will have to consider one more card won for the underdog and calculate with this data which wins the match.

Double Chance : 

If you think that one situation will not happen but you hesitate with the other two, in a Win | Draw | Defeat for example, use the double chance to secure the other two events. The gains are logically quite low.

Correct Score: 

Bet on the exact score of the match (two cards played at least).

Card winner :

Think Team Secret is better on Radiance than Dire? Take advantage of this prognosis to bet on it.

Win at least one map :

 Very useful if you are not comfortable with handicap betting because it allows you to put the stake in matches whose outcome is almost certain.

This list is not exhaustive because for the biggest meetings special bets are open such as First Blood, Roshan kill, number of kills, etc … these types of bets are generally opened only a few hours before the meeting.


While the international competition when it comes to Dota 2 is fierce, there are many teams that stand out from the rest on a high level. Below we will show you the top five Dota 2 teams at the moment, according to their ranking.

Team Secret: 

A team entirely made up of players from the European continent, currently the best in the world. They managed to win in January at The Chongqing Major with a grand prize of $ 350,000. 

It is currently the best team in Russia. They were champions of The Kuala Lumpur Major in November last year, also winning $ 350,000.

Vici Gaming: 

Right now they are the best team in China and the third in the world ranking. Their last major victory was in March of this year at DreamLeague Season 11 where they achieved first place and $ 350,000.

Evil Geniuses: 

They are the best team in America. Their last great result was in The International 2018 where they managed to occupy the third place, and obtain a total of more than two and a half million dollars.


 They are the second best team in China as well as being sponsored by the French football club Paris Saint Germain. Their last great performance was at The International 2018 where they managed to get second place and more than four million dollars.


There are many DOTA 2 tournaments  at the global level. However, there are some that stand out in a very important way and are the ones that must be taken into account. Especially if what you want is to bet money on Dota 2. We are going to show you some large-scale events concerning this Esport.

The International: 

By far the best Dota 2 event in the world. This year it will be held in Shanghai, China in August, and will feature the best Dota 2 teams on the planet. This tournament is held by Valve itself, and it usually has the best money prizes. The past champion was OG, and he earned a total of more than 25 million dollars.

Dreamleague Season 11:

 According to Valve, this is another of the best Dota 2 tournaments in the world. They handle more than a million dollars in prizes and the current champion is Vici Gaming.

Epicenter Major: 

Held in Russia in June this year, where 16 of the world’s best teams will compete for a spot at August’s International 2019.

These are three of the best events where you have the best chance of winning bets. Of course, there are certain favorite teams, as is the case with OG, PSG.LCD and Vici Gaming. These teams are among the best in the world and are totally safe bets if you want to win some money very easily.


As in other forms of sports betting, you have to know certain things about what you are going to bet. In this case, Dota 2 must be fully understood, and we are not just talking about the teams or the odds. We also talk about the gameplay and even the smallest details.

 That is why we will give you some very practical tips so that you can take them into account when making your plays.

Know the team you are going to bet on: 

You can do a great analysis regarding the team where you want to place your money. It is best to review your history, how you handle yourself in different Dota 2 tournaments, if you do better in Premier or Major tournaments, how you do with certain opponents. Try not to just look at the odds on the Dota 2 betting pages. Anything can happen and it is best to check the statistics.

Analyze team players very well:

 Like League of Legends, Valve often bans some Dota 2 players either for disconnecting during MMR or in any other type of competition. In this case, you have to see if some players on the teams you want to bet on have conflicting players in that regard. It is something to take into account since they are not entirely reliable then.

Study the heroes of the game, their abilities and weaknesses:

 As if they were soccer or basketball players, you must give the heroes of Dota 2 the same importance. This way, you can better understand which heroes can directly counterpick others. As is the case with Viper, who is a mortal enemy of another hero named Specter. Viper has far more advanced abilities, which can counteract what Specter can do. This is a clear and concrete example of why it is imperative to analyze the heroes thoroughly.

Watch out for gold farming: 

This is something great teams do. Since it is needed to buy items or anything else that is needed during the game. If a team is very good at farming gold, there is a good chance that it can win a game. If what you want is to place bets on items in Dota 2, in this case you should be careful with these teams since they will buy everything that is necessary during the game.

Take a good look at the control of the map: 

If you plan to study a Dota 2 team, you should analyze how they position themselves in the game and the type of heroes they use. Remember that Dota 2 is a game with a great capacity for analysis and you can place strategy bets in Dota 2. Of course, based on what the team that you think is the best in the game does, you can place your bets much more safe.

We hope that these tips will serve you greatly so that together with the regulations, you can understand in a much more didactic way all this great universe known as Dota 2.

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